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Park Board approves Naloxone distribution boxes


KINCAID — Michael Blake helps set up a Naloxone Distribution Box in Kincaid. This is just one of six boxes spread throughout the Christian County area.

Lucas Domonousky Breeze-Courier Writer

TAYLORVILLE — Two additional Narcan (naloxone HCI) boxes were green-lit by the Taylorville Park Board during this week’s meeting held on Monday, Mar. 27. The Christian County prevention Coalition educated the board on the severity of the current drug situation and just why the kits are deemed necessary. The motion passed unanimously which will put one Naloxbox at both Manners and Jaynes Park for distribution and emergency use.

“Despite the past few years where we thought addiction and substance use was declining,” Sue Paso of ‘Paso Counseling Services’ explains.

“Through our best efforts and many programs, addiction is still flourishing in this county and most counties in Central Illinois.”

Paso works with the recovery community on a daily basis and is able to witness first hand how rampant the issue happens to be. She elaborates the possible reasoning behind the increase in substance abuse in Christian County.

“I think illicit drugs have become more easily accessible and that people are less afraid of it.” The Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) says. “They’re desensitized to it so they think they can just use it and walk away which isn’t always the case.”

The boxes will hold multiple kits of Narcan nasal spray which is intended for use on a person experiencing an opioid overdose, but will not harm the person if it is another type of medical emergency. When the spray is administered correctly it can and will reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

“It’s an intervention to keep people from dying.” Paso says empathetically. “Methamphetamine or any other drug laced with Fentanyl or opiates will cause people to die and if we can keep one person from dying then the whole method is a success.”

Byron Kay, currently moving through the ranks of the Christian County Problem Solving Court program, illustrates how the kits will have a positive impact on the recovery community as a whole.

“I think it will definitely help.” Says Kay. “Just raising more awareness and saving lives. I think there should be more.”

Byron has been in recovery for close to a year now and even hopes to use his experiences to aid others going through the process in the near future.

“This problem affects the small towns as well as the big cities. You just don’t see it as much.” He says. “People do die. My friend, personally, overdosed and you can’t take that back after it’s gone. If it’s preventable, why not?”

Christian County now has a total of six Naloxone Distribution Boxes spread throughout. Taylorville has five, Kincaid has one and the Prevention Coalition plans to expand into all communities.

If any local businesses would like their own Narcan Kits the Coalition would be happy to supply them. Reach out to Jason at 217-561-1179 or Dennis at 217-254-5027.

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