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Hard question to the School Board

Is anyone asking the school board the hard questions about the Fine Arts and Sports project at the high school?Theoriginalproposal indicated the cost would be $12.9 million for both projects. Yet, somehow that cost is now $27.9 million. Why? Did the building committeeoftheschoolboard do their due diligence in talking to the architects about their bid? Why would they agree to a bid that included the architects earning a percentage of the total cost of the project? Is that really a fiscally smart way of doing it? It seems to me that it makes sense that architects would earn a set fee rather than a percentage. Obviously the higher the cost of the project, the higher the percentage to the architects. That’s not rocket science. If you already have the $12.9 million ready to go, why not make the scope of the project fit the budget? The school board, it seems to me, is not being fiscally responsible. Make sure you vote on Tuesday! Might be time for new leadership in the school board!

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