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Molina plans to wrestle at North Central College

TAYLORVILLE — THS senior Landon Molina (middle) signs onto North Central College with his Mother Jennifer Brooks (left) and his Grandfather James Brooks (right). 

Lucas Domonousky 

Breeze-Courier Sports Editor

TAYLORVILLE — Taylorville High School senior Landon Molina signed his own Letter of Intent to further his wrestling career at North Central College on Thursday, May 18. Landon says it wasn’t how his final season as a Tornado went but more how it ended that made him want to go onto the collegiate level.

“Well actually it was because it didn’t end like I wanted it to.” Molina stated. “I didn’t want it to be the last season of mine and I knew it wasn’t going to be. That just means it’s going to push me to do better in college and put me on the map somewhere.” 

Landon had a successful regular season in 2023 with 35 total wins. His last season was cut short at the IHSA Class 1A Regional in Auburn when it came down to his last match. He fell to his Vandalia opponent by pin in the second round effectively ending his wrestling run as a Tornado. 

Not only will he get to continue his career in wrestling but academically as well. Landon says that is his main focus and the biggest reason he chose the Cardinals. 

What about North Central College drew you to their wrestling program?

Their academics for one.” He says proudly. “I can get my Doctorate and my Masters there. They’re just a good wrestling school overall.”

Landon Molina is attending North Central College to get his Doctorate in Athletic Training. 

He actually showed an interest in fellow THS teammate William Blue’s next wrestling team, Millikin University. Landon went to the two programs last meeting in January to scout for the Big Blue but ended up showing interest in red and black instead. The two teams going head to head gives Molina hope to continue the battle between him and Blue.

“Him going to Millikin, we might be at the same weight,” Landon says excitedly. “I want to keep that competition between me and him. It was always in the room but we never were at the same weight.”

He finishes by putting his THS career into his own words. 

“I had a lot of fun.” He said. “Won a lot of close matches and I was always pushing myself. In all, it was a fun time. I’m happy that I came here.”

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