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Taylorville moving on to IHSA Class 2A XC Sectional

NORMAL —Taylorville cross country took the trek up north to Normal, IL to run in the 2023 IHSA Class 2A U High Regional. The Saturday, Oct. 21  race presented challenges such as a drawn out course and uphill climbs. Not to mention the elite High School talent participating in the three-mile run as well. Both Tornado teams, girls and boys alike, finished the race with enough points to push themselves into the next round of the postseason.   

“Just like last year we are in the fastest Regional in the Stat, 2A I consider.” THS Head Coach Steve Walters says. “Great course here. Really hard one for me to coach because it’s so spread out but it’s an awesome, big course.”

Not only was the three-mile course large but it featured two uphill climbs at the starting point and at the two-mile mark. Which proved to be no matter for the Tornadoes. 

NORMAL — Lydia  Heberling runs through mile number two on Saturday, Oct 21. The THS senior finished the Regional race with a time of 26:00.20 which helped the girls team secure a spot at the cross country Sectional.  

Lucas Domonousky / Breeze-Courier Photo


“Girls kind of struggled a little bit.” Continued Walters. “We were in between Rochester and Rantoul. We just got the score and it looks like we beat them by four points. Real close one but doesn’t matter. We’re going on.”

The Taylorville girls secured sixth place with a total team score of 183. Just as it has been all year, senior Ella Goodman lead her team finishing in22nd with a time of 20:35.40. She was followed by Hallie Smith who ended her race in 37th with a time of 22:22.60 with. 

“The girls seem to pick up.” Walters comments. “When the number three goes down we always have someone step up and pop in. Every time. Sprinting to the finish grabbing the extra points that really matter.” 

Coach is specifically referring to middle runners Sydnie Vocks (43rd; 23:30.10), four Grace Goodroe (45th; 24:22.70), Sydney Lowis (47th; 24:57.40), Gabby Mireles (48th; 25:07.30) and Lydia Heberling (51st; 26:00.20).

“The race was hard and we really had to push ourselves.” Junior Syney Lowis said. “As we got closer to the end we had to realized we had to go faster.” 

“We had to push each other through this one.” Sophomore Gabby Mireles says. “It was a big thing to run as a team. I’m really proud of the team. Everyone has done so good this season. We push each other.”   

NORMAL — THS freshman, Liam Bettis, eyes the finish line as he completes the three-mile XC Regional race. Bettis finished with in 6th place overall with a total time of 16:04.70. 

Lucas Domonousky / Breeze-Courier Photo


“Great run today.” Coach Walters states proudly. “Another great day for our underclassman really stupid it up. (Tyler) Corpin and (Logan) Halligan really moved up the works and the rest of our guys had solid, good runs. We came out there hoping to be towards the top. Another day we’re moving on.”

Senior Owen Morgan and freshman Liam Bettis back at the top for the Taylorville boys. Morgan finished the Regional three-mile race in third place with a time of 15:55.80 while Bettis was in sixth place, 16:04.70.

“It feels like there’s a little bit of pressure going on and expectations are kind of high.” Liam Bettis says. “Just looking to be in the equation with everybody else and do what I’ve got to do to be right there. Owen (Morgan) has been good for mentally for me. Since I do have that guy just to be in front of me. Someone to set the pace, set the milestone leading the way and showing me. Having him to start my High School career is super nice.”

Logan Halligan picked up his pace reaching 15th with a time of 17:00.00. Tyler Corpin (17th; 17:05.70), Jesse Sloan (22nd; 17:09.60), Jack Chesser (26th; 17:16.90) and Brody Harker (37th; 18:01.70).      

“We’re going to go far as a team.” Bettis states. “We all have high hopes.”

The Taylorville cross country team will take on the IHSA Class 2A XC Sectional that will take place in Jacksonville Community Park next Saturday, Oct. 28.    

NORMAL —Brody Harker runs past the one mile mark during the U High Cross Country Regional held on Saturday, Oct. 21. The Junior anchored the boys team with an 18:01.70 time which earned him 37th place.

Lucas Domonousky / Breeze-Courier Photo 

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