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Offering of State-Owned Surplus Property


Each year all officers in charge of State of Illinois (State) real property are required to perform an inventory and determine if it is advantageous to the State to dispose of said property.

Pursuant to 30 ILCS 605/7.1, State Property Control Act, the following properties have been declared surplus. These surplus properties are available for transfer to State Agencies and to governing bodies of the County, Cities, Villages, and incorporated Towns in the county where such surplus properties are located (together referred to as “Entities”):

Property NameAddressCityAcres

DNR Mine Rescue Station245 Buck St.LaSalle.069

DOT Blue Water DitchUS50/IL3Cahokia10.88

Singer Mental Health Center4402 N. Main St.Rockford99

Lincoln Developmental Center861 S. State St.Lincoln102

Jacksonville Developmental Center1201 S. Main St.Jacksonville134

Blodgett LandWoodstock TownshipRushville47.47

Choate Mental Health Center Land650 State Pond Rd.Anna117

Galesburg Laboratory2100 S. Lake Story Rd.Galesburg4.32

Dwight Correctional Center23813 E 3200 N. RoadDwight160

Tinley Park Mental Health Center7400-7600 W. 183rd St.Tinley Park270

and Howe Developmental Center1

1 This property is pending disposition per Public Act 103-0544

Interested Agencies and Entities must submit a written response to Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) at the contact information provided below, requesting that control of the properties be transferred. The request must indicate the reason for transfer, the intended use of the properties and any relevant information. Written requests must be submitted to CMS within 30 days from the above date to be considered.

CMS may deny any or all such requests by a State Agency or Entities if CMS determines that it is more advantageous for the State to dispose of the surplus real property through a sale pursuant to 30 ILCS 605/7.1(d).

All requests and questions should be in writing and directed to Deputy Director Michael Pittman, CMS Bureau of Property Management, 313 South Sixth Street, Springfield, Illinois 62701 or via email at


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