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No. 2302-PR-65 Daniels




In the Matter of the Estate ofElaine June Daniels, Deceased.

No. 2023-PR-65


Notice is given to creditors of the death of Elaine June Daniels. Letters of Office were issued to Beverly E. Marshall and Rita M. Clapsaddle as Independent Executors on October 31, 2023. Nicole E. Mollet and Silver Lake Group, Ltd., 560 Suppiger Way, P.O. Box 188, Highland, Illinois 62249, are the attorneys for the Independent Executors.

The Estate will be administered without court supervision unless under Sec 28-4 of the Probate Act (755 ILCS 5/28-4) any interested person terminates independent administration at any time by mailing or delivering a petition to terminate to the Clerk.  Claims against the estate may be filed in the Circuit Clerk’s Office, Christian County Courthouse, 101 S Main St, Taylorville, Illinois 62568 on or before the 20th day of May, 2024, or if mailing or delivery of a notice from the representative is required by Sec. 18-3 of the Probate Act, the date stated in that notice.  Any claim not filed on or before the date is barred.  Copies of a claim filed with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered by the claimant to the representative and to the attorney within ten (l0) days after it has been filed.  (755 ILCS 5/l8-l, 5/l8-3.)

Dated:  November 17, 2023.

/s/  Nicole E. Mollet            

Nicole E. Mollet

IL Bar No. 06328578

silver lake group, ltd.

Attorneys for Beverly E. Marshall and Rita M. Clapsaddle

560 Suppiger Way

Post Office Box 188

Highland, Illinois 62249

Telephone 618.654.8341

Facsimile 618.654.8391

11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 2023

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